Friday, October 26, 2007

David Gonzalez skates in Medellin

David Gonzalez skates in the town of Bello, outside of Medellin.

At fifteen, David has now been skating for five years. He is the new Don in Medellin. “Don David!” people shout out as he cruises past on his way to his local concrete ramp where he can be found skating every day.

Geoff Rowley and Jeremy Fox from US skate team Flip, contacted David to join their team and invited him to the US for a skate competition. Here is a great interview David did for Slap Magazine.

When David is not studying English, he can usually be found glued to the TV watching skate videos all night, over and over, again.

It's always good to see the the kids are looking for activites to keep them occupied. Skateboarding will not keep kids off the streets, since you can't really skate indoors, yet it is a great way to keep them motivated, allowing them to express themselves.

David is a natural at skateboarding and from the video, he shows alot of promise.

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