Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Santo Domingo's Children Seek Help

Santo Domingo barrio in Medellin, Colombia.

I am currently seeking donations to help feed families in one of Medellin, Colombia's poorest neighborhoods known as Santo Domingo.

The name of the organization I am working with in Medellin is called "Corporacion Tu Cuentas." The group raises money by selling cookies and baked goods throughout Medellin to help families in need.

We plan on purchasing food at a local supermarket early morning on Thursday June 25, 2009. Afterwards, we will be driving up to Santo Domingo with a van loaded with groceries and supplies.

We are also planning on helping a family with four small children who recently lost their home along with all their personal belongings in a fire.

There are many poor families in Santo Domingo who would greatly appreciate any and all donation no matter how small.

I will be posting pictures after the event on Thursday to demonstrate that we all can make a difference in people lives.

Thanks in advance for your donations and support.


I am preparing a slide show of photos from the days events to demonstrate how much the people of Santo Domingo's Barrio Pinar appreciated the kindness of strangers....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Juanes: A Paisa Arrives In Washington

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton met with Medellin native Juanes in Washington.

Juanes asks Hillary Clinton support for anti-landmine campaign.

Colombian singer Juanes Monday met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to ask support for his campaign against anti-personnel mines in Colombia.

Juanes -- chairman of the Mi Sangre Foundation that seeks to help victims of landmines and combat the illegal use of the explosives -- reportedly also talked to Clinton about his plans for a second Peace without Borders concert that he organizes with Spanish singer Miguel Bose.

Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Thomas Shannon and a number of Congressmen were was also present at the meeting to hear the Colombian about his humanitarian work.

"All expressed their support for Juanes and his intentions to use music as a way to spread the message of peace," Juanes' manager told newspaper El Tiempo.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jorge Celedon's "Que Bonita Es Esta Vida."


Jorge Celedon with Jimmy Zambrano declare "Que Bonita Es Esta Vida."

This song is dedicated to all my good friends in Medellin..! ! !

Life is good...come celebrate "Festivo de Musica en Medellin!"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

EPM Delivers Free Drinking Water in Medellin

El Edificio Empresas Públicas de Medellín

Mayor Alfonso Salazar announced that Medellin will be the first city in Colombia to deliver free drinking water to many underprivilaged citizens throughout the region of Antioquia.

EPM has been delivering water, energy and gas since 1955.

With this Alonso Salazar completes a campaign promise he made to continue helping families in need by developing and promoting social programs to help improve the lives of citizens.

EPM invests in the people, the land and the future of Colombia.

Hand in Hand with EPM in Medellin, Colombia.

The water in Medellin is very safe to drink thanks to the hard work and dedication of EPM Services who work to guarantee that all water is properly purifed and processed before it reaches your home.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bike Week In Medellin, Colombia

American Choppers in town for Bike Week Medellin 2009

The Annual Motorcycle event in Medellin takes place in June...!!

The exclusive event in Colombia takes places in Medellin June, 26 thru 29th. American Choppers from Orange County will be in attendance to ride along with fellow Colombian motorcycle enthusiast riding Harley Davidsons, choppers, classic and custom motorcycles.

The motorcycle event in Medellin is expected to see over 750 riders participating in the four day event taking place throughout the region of Antioquia.

Schedule of events.



3:00 p.m. Apertura de inscripciones, dj y animación

5:00 p.m. a 8:00 p.m. Actividades y concursos.

9:00 p.m. Caravana Medellín Nocturna: Bancolombia, Parque de los pies descalzos, parque de la luz, parque explora, ciudad Botero, Autopista.

10:00 p.m. Fiesta de Bienvenida. Club el rodeo (por concretar) RUMBA UN PASO POR EL TIEMPO TODAS LAS EPOCAS. 70 AL 20121 FUTURISTA.

For complete schedule of events visit motorumbas.com

Bike Week in Medellin, 2008.

Custom Rules Colombia welcomes riders from around the world to Medellin, Colombia.

CONTACT: 4 444 - 04 03

Mexican President Visits Communa 13

Mexican President Calderón visited Comuna 13, area recovered from crime by Colombian Government

During a Working Visit to Medellín, Colombia, President Felipe Calderón toured the Comuna 13 Social Project, an area recovered from crime and returned to citizens by the Colombian Government.

For many years, Comuna 13 suffered violence, mistreatment and abuse from various armed sectors, together with poverty and scarce resources.

Nowadays, one can see schools, libraries, gardens, workshops, areas for recreation, culture and entertainment, which provide this municipality with everything it needs to learn and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. It is now a community with more possibilities and expressions of social organization.

Mexican President Calderón on the metro with Medellin Mayor Alfonso Salazar

The Mexican president toured the Mass Air Transport System by Metrocable (a cable railway linking inaccessible municipalities and areas which operates on the basis of clean energies), from which he obtained a panoramic view of the Comuna 13 Social Project.

At the end of the tour, he walked to the San Javier Library, a reading area designed specially for the inhabitants of this municipality.

Afterwards, in the Museum of Antioquia, accompanied by Margarita Zavala; Secretary of Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa Cantellano and Mayor of the city Alonso Salazar Jaramillo he toured the hall of Colombian painter, sculptor and sketcher Fernando Botero, where he admired works such as La Noche, Corazón de Jesús and Toro.

The President then made his way to Medellín Airport to fly to El Salvador where he will attend the swearing-in ceremony of President Elect Mauricio Funes. This marked the end of President Felipe Calderón's Working Visit to Medellín, Colombia.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Bull's Popular Soapbox Races in Medellin

Red Bull's popular Soapbox Race comes to Medellin, Colombia

1st Red Bull Soapbox Race in Medellin

The first Red Bull Soapbox Race of Colombia will take place in Medellin on September 6, the energy drink company announced.

All participants will be judged on creativity and originality based on the construction of their soapbox car which must be submitted for inspection by race officials prior to participating in the race.

The race will take place on a specially selected open road where drivers will be tested on their driving skills as the cars race at top speeds along the designated route.

There will be separate prizes awarded to drivers with consideration for creativity, design, speed, and driver’s skill in manoeuvring the homemade soapbox cars, as well as crowd favorite.

The first edition of Red Bulls Soapbox Race took place in Belgium in 2000. Medellin, Colombia will be the latest city to participate in the popular event hosted by thirty countries from around the world.

For more information & registration “Red Bull Soapbox Race.”

"Cocheros" The End Of The Line in Medellin

The new replacement vehicle for the "cocheros" in Medellin.

The “cocheros" continue to contest the new law which will prohibit animals from being used for transportation of goods on the streets in Medellin.

Today, the Secretary of Transportation presented the new vehicle which is being made available to “chocheros” as a replacement for horse drawn carts.

Mayor of Medellin, Alfonso Salazaar, has been working with about 228 “cocheros” for about a year to help make the transition as smooth as possible. The mayor’s focus has been to try to make the new vehicles available at discounted prices as well as securing financing for those who want to continue in the transportation business in Medellin.

The new law goes into affect on July 15 prohibiting all “ccoheros” from delivering goods throughout the city, but a request for an extension has been submitted to push back the date in order to allow everyone ample time to make the transition.

I will surely miss seeing the horse drawn carts on the streets once they are gone for good.

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