Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Bull's Popular Soapbox Races in Medellin

Red Bull's popular Soapbox Race comes to Medellin, Colombia

1st Red Bull Soapbox Race in Medellin

The first Red Bull Soapbox Race of Colombia will take place in Medellin on September 6, the energy drink company announced.

All participants will be judged on creativity and originality based on the construction of their soapbox car which must be submitted for inspection by race officials prior to participating in the race.

The race will take place on a specially selected open road where drivers will be tested on their driving skills as the cars race at top speeds along the designated route.

There will be separate prizes awarded to drivers with consideration for creativity, design, speed, and driver’s skill in manoeuvring the homemade soapbox cars, as well as crowd favorite.

The first edition of Red Bulls Soapbox Race took place in Belgium in 2000. Medellin, Colombia will be the latest city to participate in the popular event hosted by thirty countries from around the world.

For more information & registration “Red Bull Soapbox Race.”

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