Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mexican President Visits Communa 13

Mexican President Calderón visited Comuna 13, area recovered from crime by Colombian Government

During a Working Visit to Medellín, Colombia, President Felipe Calderón toured the Comuna 13 Social Project, an area recovered from crime and returned to citizens by the Colombian Government.

For many years, Comuna 13 suffered violence, mistreatment and abuse from various armed sectors, together with poverty and scarce resources.

Nowadays, one can see schools, libraries, gardens, workshops, areas for recreation, culture and entertainment, which provide this municipality with everything it needs to learn and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. It is now a community with more possibilities and expressions of social organization.

Mexican President Calderón on the metro with Medellin Mayor Alfonso Salazar

The Mexican president toured the Mass Air Transport System by Metrocable (a cable railway linking inaccessible municipalities and areas which operates on the basis of clean energies), from which he obtained a panoramic view of the Comuna 13 Social Project.

At the end of the tour, he walked to the San Javier Library, a reading area designed specially for the inhabitants of this municipality.

Afterwards, in the Museum of Antioquia, accompanied by Margarita Zavala; Secretary of Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa Cantellano and Mayor of the city Alonso Salazar Jaramillo he toured the hall of Colombian painter, sculptor and sketcher Fernando Botero, where he admired works such as La Noche, Corazón de Jesús and Toro.

The President then made his way to Medellín Airport to fly to El Salvador where he will attend the swearing-in ceremony of President Elect Mauricio Funes. This marked the end of President Felipe Calderón's Working Visit to Medellín, Colombia.

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