Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Cocheros" The End Of The Line in Medellin

The new replacement vehicle for the "cocheros" in Medellin.

The “cocheros" continue to contest the new law which will prohibit animals from being used for transportation of goods on the streets in Medellin.

Today, the Secretary of Transportation presented the new vehicle which is being made available to “chocheros” as a replacement for horse drawn carts.

Mayor of Medellin, Alfonso Salazaar, has been working with about 228 “cocheros” for about a year to help make the transition as smooth as possible. The mayor’s focus has been to try to make the new vehicles available at discounted prices as well as securing financing for those who want to continue in the transportation business in Medellin.

The new law goes into affect on July 15 prohibiting all “ccoheros” from delivering goods throughout the city, but a request for an extension has been submitted to push back the date in order to allow everyone ample time to make the transition.

I will surely miss seeing the horse drawn carts on the streets once they are gone for good.

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