Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Apartment Boutique Opens Its Second Location in La Strada in Medellín

The grand opening of the Apartment in Medellin

The Apartment is a premium brand inspired by latin culture. The brand was created and developed by a Colombian born in Vancouver, Canada.

After selling the products to wholesalers in Canada and distributing them in stores in the United States, Japan, Greece, Italy, among other countries, the Apartment opened its first store this past December in Colombia, located in the middle of Park 93 in Bogota, and this month it opened a second store in La Strada in Medellin.

The Apartment is an urban outfitters apparel center for those looking to celebrate latin culture. There are many interesting products available for purchase, including many inspirational t-shirts designed by latin american artists.

Colombian sweethearts in Medellin

Young Colombiano's ready for the club

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