Sunday, November 23, 2008

Death And Destruction Results From Heavy Rainfall In Medellin

The flooded streets of Medellin.

The northern industrial city, like much of the rest of Colombia, has been hit by seasonal rains that have saturated the earth, leading to deadly avalanches in hilly areas.

The mudslide in El Poblado, Medellin's most affluent district, swept away houses as their occupants slept early on Sunday morning, local police told reporters.

The home of Carlos Sanchez, who for 37 years promoted Colombian coffee as the mustachioed character Juan Valdez familiar from advertising campaigns, is located next to the destroyed area.

At least 15 people feared dead, as workers work around the clock to locate any survivors.

Mudslides also partially cut off the highway linking Manizales, the capital of Caldas province, to Bogota on the stretch through Tolima.

After weeks of torrential rains, the mudslides in the mountainous region of Antioquia's barrio Belen, Rincon has affected residents in this shanytown district of Medellin.

A couple of buses are precariously hanging off the side of the road as a local resident recovers personal property swept away in the rainfall.

The heavy rainfall swepted into a local church in Antioquia.

Many residents were left without homes after the heavy rainfall contributed to the collapsing of many homes.

Many residents lost everything they owned in the floods destructive path.

Friends and neighbors look on helplessly as people search through the wreckage trying to salvage any little bit of their personal belongings.

A simple photo recovered in the search would make a world of a difference, especially for those who lost everything.

The heavy rainfall in Novemeber has dampened many local residents spirits but the Paisas are a strong and resilent people. They have the strength to keep the faith in times like this as they look forward to the day when they can put this horrible experience behind them.

Even in times like these, the Paisas always manage to keep a smile on their face, true Paisa fashion.

The proud spirit of the Paisa's is something that makes them see beyond the tragedies and hardships created by the heavy rains destructive path.

Mayor of Medellin, Alfonso Salazaar, is out on scene as workers continue the search for those lost in the mudslide, praying for a miracle.

The rainfall continues...

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