Saturday, December 26, 2009

THe BeSt Of MeDDeLin, CoLoMBiA 2 0 0 9 ! !

Hotel Dann Carlton in Medellin

The view from my hotel room during my month long trip to Medellin.

As the end of the year approaches I would like to share some of my favorite photos, videos, stories, adventures, and trip reports regarding my travels to Medellin, Colombia.

Orquestas Sinfónicas Juveniles de Medellín, Colombia

It was not only great to meet some of these talented kids, but a true joy to see their faces when I showed them the video which they saw for the first time.

My home away from home when I am in Medellin.

Extreme Sports in Medellin, Colombia

I had a great time participating in extreme sports with my Colombian friends ! ! !

Mondongo's typical Colombian cuisine in Medellin.

I eat at Mondongo's on a regular basis. The food is great ! !

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