Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sounds and Colours Presents: Colombia

Sounds and Colours Presents: Colombia Collectable book and CD focusing on the incredible music and culture of Colombia This summer Sounds and Colours - a UK-based South American music and culture website - is launching it's first ever print edition, focusing on the music and culture of Colombia. Keen to banish existing stereotypes, this collectable book and accompanying CD takes a fresh look at the country’s music and culture, with articles on established genres like cumbia and vallenato, as well as lesser-known folk rhythms and traditions. It also delves into the current music scene and the ways in which Colombian music has influenced artists worldwide. There will also be features on Colombian cinema, Circo Para Todos, indigenous culture, alternative tourist destinations, Barranquilla Carnival, and lots more. See 'The Contents' below for full details. We've been working on this content all year, doing research into some of the most interesting cultural aspects of Colombia, as well as speaking to collaborators and writers to work on the content, with the aim of bringing you something unique and insightful. Sounds and Colours Presents Colombia will be: • a thoroughly-researched, passionately-written 208-page book/magazine looking at the music, film, arts and culture of Colombia, • a valuable resource for anyone interested in Colombia and its culture, • a reflection on both alternative and popular culture from the country, • a multimedia publication incorporating articles, photographs and illustrations in the print publication, as well as online platforms featuring exclusive music and resources. Why Colombia? Colombia is the perfect starting point for what we hope to be a series of Sounds and Colours Print Editions. It's a country that seems condemned to sterotypes, yet if you've been to Colombia you'll know that it is one of the friendliest and most beautiful countries in the world. And - importantly for us - it is a country full of culture. What Is Needed Quite simply we are aiming to make enough money to print 1,000 copies of the book, all of which will come with an accompanying CD of new Colombian music produced by our good friends at Movimientos: listen to their Colombia radio special here. This accounts for $4,000 of our funding goal. The remaining $500 will go towards paying a number of Colombian artists and illustrators for their artwork. For more information: Sounds And Colour

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