Monday, August 27, 2007

Medellin's Mayor promotes change, "from fear to hope."

Medellin's non-conformist mayor, Sergio Fajardo, who attended the University of Wisconsin, is working to change the image of Medellin, Colombia. Fajardo has been aggressively courting foreign governments and businesses to invest in Medellin. It seems to be working as investers have been quick to respond, which has helped nurture Medellin's budding revival. There seems to be new construction and urban development in every neighborhood you visit. One only needs to take a drive around Medellin to witness the building boom that has helped transform this beautiful city into one of South America's greatest treasures.

The transformation of Medellin has attracted travelers from around the world to visit "The City Of Eternal Spring."

Click for more information regarding Sergio Fajardo's philosophy.

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