Friday, August 31, 2007

Volunteer With Kids In Medellin, Colombia

Anyone interested in doing something postitive in their lives by helping others who are in need of assistance? Well, here's your oppurtunity to make a difference in the world today. "How?" you ask. Visit and discover how you can contribute by changing someone's life. What a great way to discover Medellin, Colombia by volunteering today.

The following is a brief description about the "Volunteer With Kids Colombia" program.

The Colombia Kids project is based on a farm high in the Andes mountain range near the vibrant city of Medellin.

The project includes an outreach programme for the street children, free education, day centres and the farm provides a safe retreat away from the many temptations of the city.

The children are provided with English classes, lessons in Spanish, arts, music, sports and various vocational training. We support a health programme, psychologist as well as providing all the nutritional needs of the children.

The project focuses on the young and vulnerable to assist them in finding a way out of the trap of poverty and to train them in vocational skills so that they can become contributing members to their families and society.

Globalteer Farm - Provides a safe place for the children to live, learn and play. The farm houses up to 120 children as well as staff and volunteers. The farm sits at an altitude of 2000 metres in the Andes affording fantastic views of the valley below. The children are taught various subjects at the farm as well as being able to learn skills for their future such as carpentry, cooking and animal husbandry. There is also a sports field where the children can play in safety, and learn to be part of a team.
Volunteers - Assist the local staff and teach in Spanish or English. Play sports, arts and fun activities. Assist in the running of the farm and teach the children vocational skills.

Adventures like these last a lifetime filled with many incredible memories. Why not volunteer today? As they say, "Life Is Too Short.

I for one, can't wait for my return to Medellin in September!

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