Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heavy Rains Continue; El Socorro Tragedy

Homes destroyed in Medellin's "El Socorro" neighborhood

At least seven people have been reported to have died when their homes collapsed in the mudslide, due to heavy rain in Medellin's Communa 13, early Saturday morning. Another 13 people have been reported still missing and are feared to be trapped underneath the ruins.

Twenty homes were completed destroyed, ten additional homes have been evacuated for safety concerns.

Volunteers work to remove rubble and debris from the landslide

The people of Medellin came together in the El Socorro neighborhood to offer help to those affected by the early morning tragedy.

A human-chain volunteer team worked from the early morning

The beautiful city of Medellin and the very industrious Paisas prove once again why Medellin is one of South America's magical cities in Colombia.

LIVE News report from Communa 13's EL Socorro neighborhood.

Mayor of Medellin, Alfonso Salazaar, made a public appearance to survey the damage, as well as offering his support to the victims families.

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