Monday, March 30, 2009

Latin Rhythms And Jazz: Andrea Tierra

The Music of Andrea Tierra

Andrea Tierra is a 27 year old singer-songwriter from Medellin, Colombia. She has been performing traditional Colombian music since the age of twelve. Andrea is the result of innovative mix of popular Latin-American rhythms with jazz, flamenco and the essence of her own poems which she brings to life on all her performances.

Her songs are progressive with a shade of irony and are often politicized against world injustice. Her contralto voice touches the hearts of the audiences with her interpretations of contemporary love songs as well as new generation songs. Andrea transcends the age gap with the intensity that only a musical leader can do.

Andrea’s talent is a family tradition that has been growing within her since her childhood. At an early age she was part of her father’s theater company as a singer and actress traveling throughout United States with great success.

The beautiful thing about jazz is that it can be fused with many different musical styles creating a whole new jazz form. As most people know jazz has a history of being fused with Latin music from Afro-Cuban to Tango.

Colombian vocalist and poet Andrea Tierra pushes the jazz musical fusion to another level by adding her Spanish poetry to the mix.

Latin-American Rythmn and Jazz artist Andrea Tierra

Tierra expresses her heart and soul both lyrically and melodically in her CD “Melodía Verde” which means “Green Melody.” The CD takes you on a musical trip through Latin America but focuses on the musical traditions of Colombia.

“The idea behind the album was to express my feelings musically and to try to make a change in the world and if possible in some ones’ heart,” says Tierra.

When asked why she chose the name “Melodía Verde” for her first CD, she said it is because of her concerned on global warming and the damage we are doing to our planet. Simply put she feels if nothing is done to correct this we are standing on a ticking time bomb.

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Andrea Tierra - "Melodía Verde"

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