Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SOPETRAN National Paragliding Tournament

Paragliding Tournament: Sopetrán, Antioquia, March 20-23, 2009

The skies over Sopetrán, Antioquia this weekend will see more than seventy of the best paragliding pilots from all over Colombia who are expected to arrive for the second national paragliding tournament this year.

The exciting sport of paragliding competition has gained much popularity in the country in the past few years, especially after the success of the San Felix tournament in 2007. Héctor Hugo Vásquez, Juan Cano, Daniel Vallejo and Liliana Morales, among others, stand out as some of the top paragliding pilots in Colombia.

The sporting event, which promises to be a festival complete with traditional Colombia food, music, and dancing, has been organized by the Cross Country Group and Halcones Clubs of Medellin, along with Liliana Morales, who is one of the most passionate paragliding pilots in all of Colombia.

For more info on the four day paragliding tournament: Parapente en Medellin

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