Sunday, April 5, 2009

Travel Guide Map of Medellin, Colombia

The city of Medellín and the Antioquia region are the second most important economic and industrial hubs in the country and the epicenter of Colombian entrepreneurship.

Medellín is synonymous with opportunity, a stellar example of social urbanism that makes every resident part of the life of the city and turns the city itself into an economic, education, tourist, cultural, sports, and research hub.

Today one of Colombia’s—and indeed Latin America’s—safest cities, Medellín has taken its place again in the world and the global community.

Having captivated world attention, Medellín is being touted as a not-to-be-missed destination for those who seek to understand the heart of Colombia. Foreign visitor arrivals have soared in the past three years, as has the number of national and international events.

Colombia's second city of Medellín, is undergoing a spectacular economic and social transformation, open to visitors from around the world.

Travel Guide Map of Medellin, Colombia (View Map)

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Google Map of Medellin, Colombia

Travel Guide Map of Medellin Metro System (View Map)

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