Thursday, January 3, 2008

Medellin Metro System Expansion for 2010

The Medellin Metro Department Of Transportation has agreed to purchase 10 new lines, a total of 30 new cars will be added to meet the demands for extending the metro line and transportation services into Sabaneta.

The new addition to the metro system in Medellin is scheduled to be completed in 2010.

Medellin's Metro system was completed in 1996 after sixteen years of planning by Colombian, German and Spanish companies at a cost of $1.9 billion.

The Metro crosses the Metropolitan Area of MedellĂ­n from North to South and from East to West complete with twenty-five stations on two seperate lines. It is the only Metro Rail System and the first experience of modern massive transportation in all of Colombia.

The current map of the Medellin Metro System.

A Slide Show Tour of the Original Construction of Medellin Metro including the very popular Cable Cars leading up to Barrio Santo Domingo

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