Monday, January 14, 2008

Rock-N-Roll en Medellin - La Doble A

"La Doble A" Rock-N-Roll Punk Band!
Youth in Revolt! These Punk Kids Are All Right!

About the band. It was formed in 1998 by three high-school friends Camilo, Sierra y Tadeo. They played under various names, until Daniel Ceniza, the fourth member joined the group. They soon began to play under the name La Doble A and recorded their first rock-n-roll demo tapes in Medellin, soon after.

In 2004 they recorded their first album and it garnered them newfound attention, as well as a flock of new young fans who were looking to rock-n-roll in Medellin, instead of listening to typical Colombian music which is popular in their country.

The band has shot several music videos in the spirit of a typical young rock group, raw and unpolished, like so many garage bands in the U.S. who went on to have great success and long music careers after a modest start in their parents home.

La Doble A is currently busy working on their latest album.

The video below is such a great testament to the incredible energy this band has as well as exposing its raw talent. After watching the video, it definitely put a smile on my face, reminding me of my days when listening to a young rock group was as good as life could get, even if they stunk. The power of youth is an incredible time in ones life when anything and everything seems possible.

The thing that I love most about La Doble A is that the group discovered music outside of their own country and made it their own without fear of being looked upon as being different or outcasts by the locals.

It's always good to see the young kids off the streets working on creating something positive, something that is their own, something that they can share with anyone with an open-mind, who is willing give them an opportunity, by just listening to the music.

The video for Fiesta Biesta reminds me a lot of the Beastie Boys (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) video. It has the same raw energy and spirit, along with its low-budget quality.

Take a listen...

"Fiesta Biesta"

"Living In Medellin"

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