Friday, February 15, 2008

Five Best Underrated Cities: Medellin Tops The List

Parque Lleras in El Poblado; Medellin, Colombia

Sure you've done the hotspots. These more obscure getaways can wow you, and you'll be the first person you know to visit!

Barcelona, San Francisco, London, New York City… Been there, done that?

Sure they're awesome places, but they're also the most-visited. You're probably ready to visit the less-hyped, more quirky and obscurely cool haunts around the planet, right?

Don't let those big-name A-list destinations totally overshadow the quiet gems that are just as vacation-worthy-in their own unique way. Distinctive with their own quirks and personality, these five underrated cities deliver enough punch to have you packing your bags

Medellin, Colombia

Sure, Colombia has been beaten down with bad press (drugs, kidnapping, Shakira), but it has come a long way by rebounding from its darker days and exposing itself in a newer light. While Bogota and Cartagena shine as the most visited of Colombia's destinations, the small city of Medellin is jostling its way to prove its worthy of your visit. (And not just thanks to that Entourage movie plotline, either.) Chock full of commanding views (it's nestled snugly in the tropical Andes Mountains), year-round weather hovering around 72 degrees, a thriving nightlife and the burgeoning neighborhood of Lleras Park packed with boutiques and trendy restaurants, Medellin is effortlessly Colombia's best-kept secret.

Make sure you try traditional Colombian cuisine with a modern flare at the bustling Basilica restaurant (Cr 38 8A-42 Antioquia). Locals and visitors alike enjoy the spirited nights fueled with live music and traditional dancing. And yes, the gorgeous staff are known to speak our language, if you know what I mean.

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