Monday, February 25, 2008

Laura Osorno; Colombia Artist Creates Vibrant Characters

Illustrations on Bar Windows - by Laura Osorno

Laura Osorno, a young Colombian illustrator recently found a new way of displaying her excellent and colorful work: in the windows of Bogota bars Mai Lirol Darlin and Këa.

She is a graphic designer working in illustration since 1998. Her work has been featured in many children books, magazines and commercial works for companies as Eje Records, Fedco, Defensoría del Pueblo, Banco de la República, Glowimages and Motel d´amour.

A couple years ago, she has worked creating different characters in cards, posters, “finger muppets”, dolls, pins and t-shirts.
These characters include a rabbit shrink without heart, a neurotic overweighted fairy, and a girl talented making concentric bubbles from snots among others.

There has been a lot of good press as of late regarding Colombia's tranformation, if this is the result of the new Colombia, than we can be rest assured that there are many new young Colombian artists who are prepared to show the outside world that Colombian is also changing with the times, good times for Colombia's future.

To see more work by the amazing Colombia artist Laura Osorno visit her gallery exhibit on flickr.

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