Sunday, February 3, 2008

Investing in Colombia: The Largest U.S. Trading Partner

Medellin, Colombia

With the Bush Administration moving forward to sign a trade agreement with Colombia, there may be investment opportunities in that country.

Some facts about Colombia:

The U.S. has been Colombia’s largest trading partner.

Colombia’s exports to the U.S. are approximately $5.4 billion.

Colombia imports from the U.S. are approximately $3.3 billion.

It is the fifth largest destination of foreign direct investment in Latin America.

Its products and services include oil, coffee, apparel, flowers, mining, energy, automotive, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, consumer products and financial services.

It has the second largest population in South America.

It is the largest Spanish speaking nation by population in South America.

The Happy Planet Index ranked Colombia the second happiest country.

Inflation has been below 6% for the last three years.

Cruise ships began returning to the country in October 2007.

It is number 27 of all countries for GDP purchasing power parity.

It produces almost twice as much oil as it consumes.

There have been many bi-lingual programs developed to make Medellin the central business hub in all of Central and South America.

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