Saturday, December 1, 2007

Los Alumbrados de Navidad

The "Festival Of Lights" in Medellin

December is celebrated by lighting the streets throughtout the city with Christmas decorations.

Those who have experienced the "Festival of Lights" know that the locals look forward to December each year. It's a beautiful sight when the Medellin River is all lit up with bright colourful lights across the river, which can be seen from the barrios up on the mountainside.

This year the lighting ceremony of the "Festival of Lights" will begin on December 7th and extends until January 7th. There are also many other activities as well throughout the month of December, including the popular "Parade of Myths and Legends."

“The Festival of Lights” in December makes Medellin one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit during Christmas.

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!

Check out the great video celebrating the "Festival of Lights."

Music "Aires de Navidad" sung by Hector Lavoes

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