Friday, December 28, 2007

Saludos Mr. Sergio Fajardo, Y Suerte!

Outgoing popular Medellin Mayor, Sergio Fajardo, will make his last public appearances as Mayor of Medellin to say good bye to the public, ending a great term that changed the image of Medellin, Colombia around the world.

As his last days in office come to an end, Farjardo will present to the citizens of Medellin three of the newest public schools dedicated to his program “Medellin, The Most Educated” as he says his farewells to his many supporters.

On Friday 28 at 4:00 pm Sergio Fajardo will present the public school La Indepencia de Calidad located at Calle 39 D No. 112 – 101, located in Commune 13. The school will have a capacity for 2,000 students.

The following day, Saturday 29 at 9:30 am, Farjardo will present the public school in the neighborhood of Santo Domingo. The new school, with a capacity for 3,000 students, is located at Carrera 28 No. 107 – 295.

At 11:30 am, Farjardo will dedicate the last of the three public schools. The Institute for Educational Preservation Antonio Jose Bernal Londono, with a capacity for 2,750 students, is located at Carrera 63 No. 106 A – 51.

There were those naysayers who thought his plans were too grandiose, and many thought he was sure to faulter because he was young and had no previous experience when it came to public office. Farjardo, who is a mathematician, and is a graduate of Wisconsin University in the U.S. proved them all wrong in the end.

Fajardo’s transformation of Medellín has captivated the city and, increasingly, other parts of Colombia. His approval ratings stand at more than 80 percent, making him the country’s most popular mayor and leading him to be widely mentioned as a potential presidential candidate after his term ends in 2008.

I wish I was in Medellin to personally applaud Mr. Fajardos dedication to the people of Medellin, by giving them a new vision from fear to hope.

One of my favorite quotes of Fajardos' was a reply to a question when he was asked how it was possible to transform Medellin in such a short time. "It's amazing what you can do when you don't keep all the money for yourself and your friends," replied Fajardo.

Sergio Fajardo's biggest investment was in the people of Medellin, Colombia!

Interview with Sergio Fajardo [PDF]

Mr. Sergio Farjardo,

Thank You!

Saludos desde Chicago, EE.UU.

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