Sunday, March 30, 2008

Colombia Cinema at The 24th Chicago Latino Film Festival

Join us in celebrating Colombian cinema at the 24th annual Chicago Latino Film Festival - April 4-16, 2008

This year there are 4 Colombian films included in the program, which represents the best of Latin Cinema from around the world.

Buscando a Miguel / Looking for Miguel

Director: Juan Fisher
Colombia, 2007, 110 min

Piper’s Alley
Sunday, April 5, 3:30pm
Monday, April 7, 9:00pm

Miguel Villabos is a well-to-do docter, now interested in politics as a candidate. When he is given a hallucinogen drug he loses his memory and quickly descends into the low class, unlawful society which he never has known. And this underclass is definitely scary to him as well as the viewer.

El Sueno de Paraiso / The Dream of Paradise

Director: Carlos Palau
Colombia, 2007, 83 min

Landmark’s Cinema
Thursday, April 10, 9:00pm
Saturday, April 12, 6:30pm

Isabel Sarmiento, the daughter of a landholder in Colombia Yauca Valley engineers the immigration of Japanese families to hers and her father’s hacienda. It is a glimse of paradise for hardworking, dedicated immigrants. World War II, fought in faraway lands, will impact this dream, as Germans, Japanese and Italians are detained and take to special residential camps. Isabel and the love of her life, Yuzo, will have to live through much hardship and sorrow.

Esto Huelo Mal / Lies

Director: Jorge Ali Triana
Colombia, 2007, 86 min

Piper’s Alley
Sunday, April 13, 9:00pm
Monday, April 14, 6:30pm
Tuesday, April 15, 6:30pm

Based on a true story. “Eso Heulo Mal” is about seduction, lies and unfaithfulness. No one puts out lies, danger, and intimacy like Ricardo Caicedo, an outstanding business man, until the tragic night in which an explosion occurs in the El Nogal Social Club, where he was supposed to be having a business dinner.

Hacia la Oscuridad / Toward Darkness

Director: Antonio Negret
Colombia, 2007, 92 min

Lanmark’s Cinema
Friday, April 11, 9:00pm
Sunday, April 13, 9:00pm

This is the story about a kidnapping in Colombia, where similar actions seem to be frequent. In this case, the family only wants the return of their son, and will do anything to achieve it. They will engage in negotiations not only with the kidnappers, but with the other dark forces at play, even with the dubious paramilitary groups. Will the young man be rescuded?

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