Sunday, March 16, 2008

Juanes Sings for 'Peace Without Borders; It's The Bomb in Colombia!

Juanes and the band of brothers in Colombia

Some of Latin music's biggest stars plan to join Juanes to perform a free concert atop a bridge linking Colombia and Venezuela in a show of unity among neighboring South American countries still recovering from a diplomatic crisis.

Others scheduled to perform: Juan Luis Guerra, Miguel Bose, Carlos Vives and Alejandro Sanz.

Juanes, the Grammy-winning Colombian rocker, said the "Peace Without Borders" concert _ scheduled for Sunday _ is an effort to ease tensions caused by a Colombian raid into Ecuador to kill a top rebel leader on March 1. In response to the attack, Ecuador and its ally Venezuela briefly sent troops to their Colombian borders.

"We want to consolidate the union between our peoples," he told reporters Tuesday by telephone from the Dominican Republic. "We are brothers and sisters, we are equals. We just have to raise one flag together, the flag of peace."

The artists will perform on the Simon Bolivar Bridge linking Cucuta, Colombia, and San Antonio del Tachira, Venezuela, while fans from both countries line the banks of the narrow Tachira River that marks the border, local officials said.

March 2008 The Associated Press.

Check out the CROWD!

It's a MADHOUSE between Venenzuela and Colombia borders!

It's getting HOT OUT THERE!


Here's a map of the area where the "Peace Without Borders" concert is taking place.

This is what it's ALL ABOUT..... P E A C E Without Borders!

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