Sunday, March 9, 2008

La Piedra de el Penol and Guatapé Lake

La Piedra de el Penol in Guatapé

La Piedra de el Penol is a great day trip from Medellin. You'll need to take the train and travel to the north bus station for the hour and a half bus trip to El Penol (a most spectacular natural wonder and a challenging trip up the stairway within the big rock). All the locals in Medellin know about El Penol, all you need to do it ask.

Be sure to take the boat ride on the lake while you're there. There are about a dozen tour boats that leave all the time for just a few dollars. Some nice lake-side resturants as well. The town, Guatapé, is where the bus departs as well. It has the most beautiful church on the central plaza.

Have fun and bring a jacket for the boat ride as it can get chilly.

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