Friday, July 3, 2009

International Poetry Festival in Medellin

El Festivo Internacional de Poesía en Medellín begins Saturday July 4 - Saturday July 11, 2009

Poetry is not only a literary genre, it is an attitude and also a way of thinking. Poetic thought is the origin of creation and transformation. Without poetry time, space, the world, would not exist: The world is a poetic creation. Men who do not understand the sense of poetry persist in the belief that life is possible without art, choose the way of negation which is a way without exits, a labyrinth, its walls war and death. It is because there those who want to confine us in those mazes, that we invent poetry, for freedom and for life. Poetry is the valid interpretation of the deepest dream of the human species: To make of life a work of art.

The School of Poetry of Medellín has as one of its goals to stimulate poetic thought. The courses, workshops and talks of the thirteenth version of the School of Poetry stand out because of the diversity of subjects. Poets of several countries will enrich with their experience of poetry this space of interchange and encounters.

The Iraqui poet Anwar Al-Ghasanni brings, besides his poetry, his work in the media, introducing a reflection on the possibilities and open perspective of poetry spread by electronic media. Being Internet a space in which the reception and spread of poetry are undergoing a process of adaption to the new media, Al-Ghasanni centers his reflection on the possibilities of spread of the more elaborate and demanding poetry, the high-quality poetry that generally has been thought elitist, so the workshop begins by asking how to make of Internet a space for the spread of the best expressions.

The native Latin American poets bring with them their own particular concerns and subjects of oral cultures. Graciela Huinao will tell us another version, the other side of the history of Chile, that of the Mapuche people; this condition of historical concealment she calls the bicentenary lacuna. This —also the concern of the Aymara poet Luis Ayala— is due to the lack and difficulty of translations of the original Latin American languages, in which there are elements still untranslatable; there is in them, according to him, “a semantics that cannot be translated” because it is as translating a metaphor or the experience of living, a sort of double translation that is not purely linguistic because it contains a particular symbolical uniqueness, a collective life equivalent to the collective life of other peoples, a singular experience about which there is nothing clear linguistically speaking.

Festival Internacional de Poesía Ciudad de Medellín 2008

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